The first Ukrainian electronic exchange of meat and animals -


The meattrade exchange was created specifically for the Meat Industry Association of Ukraine. There are no analogues of this industry exchange in the world. That is, this exchange is not only the first in Ukraine, but also the first in the world with such functionality and capabilities.

Main advantages:

  • Ability to sell and buy independently
  • The ability to put up one lot, which other market participants can buy in parts (200 heads were put up, one representative bought 100, another 80 and the third 20)
  • Comparison according to internationally accepted indicators: cost per kg, carcass yield, carcass weight
  • Seller and Buyer Rating
  • Complete information about companies (name, address, certificates and documents)
  • Confirmation by the Meat Industry Association
  • Responsive interface
  • Analytics available to all participants

The exchange was developed from scratch. Was done:

  • Terms of Reference, which was also agreed with the Meat Industry Association
  • Logo and identity
  • Page layouts
  • Website on cms Drupal 9
  • Testing
  • Commercial offer and brochures
  • Presented at the largest event of the meat industry and pig breeding in Ukraine - Last Summer Day 2021